Senator Stern Tours Pistachio Processor

The Association as well as members of the Agricultural Presidents Council hosted Senator Henry Stern on a tour of agricultural operations in the Central Valley. Senator Stern represents the 27th Senate District which includes parts of Santa Clarita, Malibu, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Canoga Park, Lake Balboa and much more. The Senator has Valley ties, but wanted to understand agricultural issues in more detail. WAPA brought the Senator to Horizon Nut, LLC to get a behind the scenes look at a pistachio processor. WAPA Board Member, Scott Woodard was able to explain the flow throughout the plant, the export demand for pistachios as well as some of the issues the industry is facing including labor costs and shortages. Spending the entire day with the group the Senator was able to visit a dairy farm, a citrus operation, a table grape operation, a cotton gin, a pistachio processor as well as receive an aerial demonstration at Lakeland Dusters Aviation.